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LINKS TO OTHER ARTICLES AND SITES: Look for links to the homepages of the sites on the article pages:

Growing Without Schooling - An enlightening interview with John Holt, from the Context Institute

What My Children Taught Me, by Helen Hegener

Home Education Magazine Takes a Close Look at Unschooling

Socialization and the Homeschooled Student, by Michelle Barone, MA, MFT

The Natural Child Project's Articles on Learning

Home Education Magazine Takes a Closer Look at Homeschooling Dads

Unschooling: You'll See it When you Believe It, by Sandra Dodd

Do schools today kill creativity?, a very entertaining and thought provoking talk, on video, by Sir Ken Robinson, at the TED conference

The Things We Steal From Children, by John Edwards

The Einstein Factor - A fascinating look at the way even gifted kids can be condemned as failures in the school system

The Success of Public Education, by David Albert - A compelling argument for providing our children with something better

Alfie Kohn on "How Not to Get Into College"

Michelle Barone Interviews Alfie Kohn on how to apply his Unconditiional Parenting ideas within a homeschooling situation

The Desire to Learn - interview with Dr. Alison Gopnick, Professor of Developmental Psychology

When Education Becomes Abuse - an article by Dr. Raymond S. Moore and Dorothy Moore on "A Different Look at the Mental Health of Children."

"Students Don't work - They Learn", by Alfie Kohn, well respected educational critic and author of Punished by Rewards and other books.

Articles about teaching, by Alfie Kohn: dozens of wonderful articles on various issues of Teaching, by this well respected educational critic and author.

Articles by Dr. Thomas Armstrong, award-winning author on learning and human development

Articles by Patrick Farenga, longtime publisher of Growing Without Schooling Magazine

Tom Magliozzi, MIT engineering grad, of National Public Radio's "Car Talk," on education and the study of math!

Tom Magliozzi's Education Forum!

Home Education Magazine: Past Articles &Columns

"Hurry! Hurried! Hurrumph!", an article from the NSW Dept. of Education & Training, about the importance of play

An Insightful Conversation With Poet David Whyte About Work &Creativity

"Older Kids - Decompression," an article by Cafi Cohen on the complexities of moving from school to home

Nobel Prize Winners on Education – in Karl Bunday's site

Sandra Dodd Articles

Multiple Intelligences - an article on their importance, by Michael K. Meyerhoff, Ed.D.

Ann Lahrson-Fisher on Homeschooling

The Muddle Machine: Confessions of a Textbook Editor, by Tamim Ansary

Favorite Homeschooling Quotes from AHA

Government Schooling Comes to America: The Origins of Government Schooling in the United States, by Matthew Brouillette

Former NY State Teacher of the Year, John Taylor Gatto: Writing on the Web

The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto - Online book!

Kathleen McCurdy on Natural Learning

Rebecca Rupp: Maintaining A Child's Interest

Earl Stevens on Unschooling

"Edutainment? No Thanks - I Prefer Playful Learning." Michael Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Laboratory, studies how new technologies can help children learn new things in new ways.

M.I.T. Mathematician Seymour Papert on "Child Power: Keys to the New Learning..."

Dr. David Elkind: "The Reality of Virtual Stress"

Joy Hakim, on Learning History

James Loewen on Teaching History

Robert Kiyosaki Chapter One from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Mothering Magazine - articles on parenting


Parent at the Helm - Popular author, Linda Dobson, edits this extensive blog supporting of the joys of homeschooling.

Growing Without Schooling magazines online - Home Education Magazine's archive of past issues of John Holt's historic, yet still relevant, resource.

FUN-Books: A delightful catalog of carefully chosen books, games, & other materials for producing life-long learners - covers a wide spectrum of subjects.

Boomerang! The widely loved and award winning Kids' Audiomagazine About Big Ideas

Home Education Magazine

Home Education Magazine's free Introduction to Homeschooling Booklet & a form for a free sample issue of the magazine

National Home Education Network

NHEN's "New to Homeschooling" articles

Holt - Growing Without Schooling

David Albert's website

Discovering Joy, site of Bill and Win Sweet, authors of Living Joyfully with Children

Pat - Unconventional ideas for teaching and learning

The Parenting Pit

Life Learning Magazine

Radical Unschooling - Sandra Dodd

Mary Griffith's site

A to Z Home's Cool

HomeSchool Association of California

Teen Years and Beyond: A resource of the HomeSchool Assn. of CA

Eclectic Homeschool Online - a Christian megasite

Toad Haven Homeschool - one family's experience of the world as classroom

Burkholder Family Adventures in Homeschooling

Homeschool Empowerment Webring - A variety of grassroots homeschool support groups, blogs, and websites committed to empowering home educators

Been told your child “is LD”? The links below might provide a different perspective:

A powerful film: The Tragic Consequences of Drugging Our Children. Why are epidemic numbers of children being given mind-altering drugs for things that can be treated with diet and lifestyle?

Advantages of being Dyslexic & ADD

Thomas Armstrong on ADD and Other Labels

The Feingold Program - a test to determine if certain foods or food additives are triggering particular symptoms.

Does ADHD Even Exist?: The Ritalin Sham, by John Breeding - A Mothering Magazine article

Kathy Ward on Unschooling With ADD

Differences vs. Deficits, by Michael K. Meyerhoff, Ed.D.

An Un-Schooling Adventure: a special needs child

Taking a Look at Vision Skills

Parents Active for Vision Education

Article: Dyslexia - A Gift?

"Dyslexia - the Gift" website

Notes on Dyslexia

Lenore Colacion Hayes: LD/Special Needs

Positive Support for Challenges—An HSC Resource

“The Fraud of ADD” Dr. Fred Braughman

"Why We Are Not For Screening" Larry & Susan Kaseman

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Reading: Slow and Gentle, by Annette MacKay
Encouraging words from a mom whose son was a late reader.

What My Children Taught Me, by Helen Hegener
Some important, and perhaps surprising, observations made along the way - by the mom to five grown unschooled kids, and co-publisher for over 20 years of Home Education Magazine.

Considering Methods & Styles of Homeschooling, by Lillian Jones
Some important considerations when thinking about methods and styles of homeschooling.

Growing a Writer, by Miranda Hughes
Learning to write is more complicated - and yet easier - than we often realize. This thought provoking article sheds some light on the whole process of how children learn to write

Organic Learning, by Billy Greer, co-publisher of FUN Books Catalog
How unschooling is like organic gardening in producing self-sufficient learners with deep, strong roots.

Getting Hit on the Head Lessons, by Alfie Kohn
A thought provoking examination of current and tradional educational notions - including the idea that certain things need to be done just because kids "better get used to it."

Schooling: Liberation or Mind Control?, by Richard Heinberg
Observations and suggestions for creating a society in which every child is respected and nurtured toward the joy of self-discovery.

Preschool Homeschooling, by Bev Krueger, creator of Eclectic Homeschool Online
Encouraging advice from the mom of five mostly grown homeschoolers on how to make the most of the preschool years for the most successful outcome.

A Pre-school and Kindergarten Curriculum, by Lillian Jones
A guide to the important early years - with links to important information, resources, and delightful age appropriate activities.

Big "A", Little "a", by Vivian Gussin Paley
In this must read book excerpt, an award-winning kindergarten and nursery school teacher of 37 years experience offers a historical perspective with a great depth of wisdom on the nature of young children and their unique needs.

Early Year's Child's Learning Assets, by Linda Dobson
Powerful insights on ways in which to nourish and encourage the natural learning assets of young children - from the author of Homeschooling the Early Years and other popular books.

Crockpot Homeschool: A Dozen Ingredients For Healthy Nourishment, by Paula Harper Christensen
A child development specialist the mom of four offers inspiring suggestions for giving our homeschooling a creative boost during those times when we feel as if we're running out of steam and good ideas.

Homeschooling - It's Wonderful Life!, by Lillian Jones and family
Advice and encouraging words from a family that has completed the homeschool journey.

Homeschooling: The Ever-Changing, Never-Ending Story, by Linda Dobson
An essay from The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child.

How We Learn, by Alison Gopnick
A respected specialist in cognitive science offers thought provoking insights into the way learning works in children.

Much Too Early, by David Elkind
This popular author and Professor of Child Development explains the realistic educational needs of young children.

Myth #4 "You Need Teacher Training, Dearie", by Linda Dobson
Surprising evidence helps break the myth that you need special training to be able to teach your children.

Reshaping the Puzzle to Fit the Pieces, by Mark and Helen Hegener
Some challenging perceptions and observations about what homeschoolers really want to accomplish with homeschooling.

The Joy and Ease of Learning Through Child-led Unit Studies, by Kandi Chong
A practical description of the how simple it can be to do fun and successful unit studies with a child's lead.

Homeschooling Anecdotes – Learning in the Real World, by Mark and Helen Hegener
A thoughtful look at the way learning occurs in the home of the publishers of Home Education Magazine.

My Journey from Teaching to Homeschooling, by Pat Seddon.
A former teacher describes the process that brought her to the decision to leave the classroom and homeschool her own children.

Distinguished Visitors, by David H. Albert
What do you need to teach your children? This thought-provoking article takes a unique and delightful look at that question.

"Am I Really Qualified to Teach My Own Children?" — Some Thoughts on This Common and Provocative Question, by Richard Prystowsky
A homeschooling father and Professor of English and Humanities addresses some of the "psychological" and "spiritual" concerns raised by this question.

Nurturing Children's Natural Love of Learning, by Jan Hunt
The nature of learning and how it applies to homeschooling.

"Learning Disability" - A Rose by a Different Name, by Jan Hunt
An examination of the nature of the realities and complexities behind the labels.

Finding the Path, by Nancy Friedland
Comforting insights on finding your family's path for the homeschooling journey.

The "Right" Way to Homeschool, by Leslie Murgatroyd
A mom pokes fun at her own efforts to arrive at the right way of homeschooling, and offers valuable insight.

The Interview, by Tammy Drennan
A mom's fun fantasy of a turned around radio interview, with a nice twist on the "Socialization" question!

The Sacrifice of Homeschooling, by Pam Hartley
A response to the often heard comment, "Oh, I could never do that." How difficult is homeschooling?

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Top 10 Gems - "What I wish someone would have told me during my first year of homeschooling," by Linda Dobson
Inspiring excerpts from Linda's book, The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child.

The Budding of My "Later Reader," by Lori Bell
Encouraging story from a mom whose son is just now budding on his own as a "late" reader.

The Delights of Exploring Math With Your Child, by Lillian Jones
An extensive resource guide to practical ways of getting to the joy and fascination in math - complete with resource suggestions and annotated links to many delightful web sites.

Crazy for Calculating! Making Math Fun, by Sue Smith-Heavenrich
Ways kids can learn math from everyday life in fun and meaningful ways.

A Travel Excursion of the Mind (leading your kids to the enjoyment of math), by David Albert
An excerpt from an excellent book, this article provides an enlightening and humorous look at effective ways to lead kids into the appreciation of math as an important and enjoyable part of life.

Just Do the Math!, by David Albert
This fascinating book excerpt explains how math can be mastered in an astoundingly short time when the time and conditions are right.

Confession Time, by Tammy Cardwell.
The mom of a son now successfully attending college comes to surprising realizations of what actually occurred during their homeschooling years.

Self-Direction, Engagement, and Success, by Wes Beach
Wes Beach points out the profound natural differences between people, and offers some thought provoking observations about what can best lead to becoming confident, autonomous, and self-aware.

Reflecting on the Value of Materials and Classes, by Lillian Jones
Surprising and amusing 20/20 hindsight on the value of great learning materials and classes.

I Was Homeschooled and I Just Didn't Know It, by Elaine Edwards
A grandmother recalls her own rich education outside of school, and makes observations about marvelous ways homeschooling can provide the same.

The best thing about homeschooling – it's TIME, by Marty Layne
A popular homeschooling author and mom of four homeschooled kids, now adults, shares her memories of the most precious things about homeschooling.

Raising Readers At Home, by Paula Harper-Christensen
A child development specialist offers a wonderfully reassuring discussion of reading readiness, timing, and the art of fostering a love of reading.

"If Nobody Makes You Do It..." by Nancy Wooton
A conversation between Nancy, an unschooler, and a friend, a young mom starting to homeschool.

Teaching Children to Read, by Jean and Donn Reed
Learning to Read: A three-part article excerpted from the Home School Source Book, Third Edition

Camping Out With Other Unschoolers, by Rachel Johnson
A mom's reflections on the unique delights of homeschooling camping adventures.

Beginning to Homeschool by Christine Webb
Deciding to homeschool can bring about a freeing, euphoric kind of feeling, often followed by the panic of "Oh no, what do I do now?" Here are some tips for getting through the "Oh no!" stage.

Learning Outside the (Idiot) Box, by Nancy Wooton
A thought-provoking perspective on the brighter side of television.

Homeschooling Nuggets, by Win and Bill Sweet
Thoughts from pioneering homeschoolers on the nature of homeschooling vs traditional classroom.

From "The Beginners Guide To Homeschooling", by Patrick Farenga
This excerpt from The Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling offers some helpful advice on the basics of getting started.

Teaching Practical Skills, by Meg Cox
The author of a popular book on family rituals describes how some rituals can actually teach practical skills.

Taking a Look at Vision Skills, by Lillian Jones
A personal account of one family's experience with vision skill deficiencies and the information they found about how to easily overcome this often undetected condition.

Dyslexia - a Gift?, by Lillian Jones
The fascinating nature of dyslexia, and how it can be controlled to advantage.

Notes on Dyslexia, by Karen Pennebaker.
Mom to a dyslexic son, and grandmother to a dyslexic grandaughter, Karen shares fascinating information about dyslexia, as well as tidbits about other learning issues.

Unschooling? What's that?, by Jeanne Love
A mom describes the practicalities of a lifestyle that instills a love of learning in her children (from a Christian perspective).

This Curriculum Will Teach the Kids, Wash the Dishes AND Do the Laundry!, by Mary McCarthy
A guide to sorting out helpful vs. poor quality products and services.


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