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Best Thing about Homeschooling
by Marty Layne

Time to sit and read to your children out loud
Time to stay in your pajamas all day and play
Time to watch your children as they put on plays
Time to listen to your children
Time to look at spiders
Time to go for a walk when the sun is shining,
      or the rain has just started to fall, or the wind is blowing hard
Time to understand your children, to discover what makes them happy,
      sad, mad, or glad, and help them understand themselves
Time to build relationships
Time for a child to follow an interest
Time for a child to be bored
Time to sing
Time for a child to learn how to live in a family with other people
      all sharing the same space
Time for a child to just sit outside and daydream
Time for a child to read
Time for a child to discover things
Time to paint in the kitchen and make a mess
Time to learn patience
Time to laugh together
Time to play games together
Time to just sit with a child and be quiet together
Time to call your own.

The time we had at home with each other or when a few friends came over to play were rich and satisfying times. We spent a lot of time at home. Home was a fun place – there were toys that led to interesting play, a yard that had trees and bushes, pets, brothers and a sister, mom and dad, and lots and lots of books, plus an unending supply of peanut butter rice cakes.

Marty Layne is the mother of 4 young adults (23-15) who have been learning at home since they were born. She likes to sing, write, work in the garden, drive her daughter to and from dance classes, and talk with her family. She has recorded a children's music CD – Brighten The Day – songs to celebrate the seasons ($16.50 US/$20.00 Canadian, includes shipping) and is the author of Learning At Home: A Mother's Guide To Homeschooling, Revised Edition ($15.95 US/$19.95 Canadian, includes shipping).

You can read more about her and excerpts from her book, at Sea Change Publications.

To order her book and/or CD write:
Sea Change Publications
1850 San Lorenzo Ave.
Victoria, BC V8N 2E9 Canada
(250) 477-0173

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