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Coffee Cup's Guide to California Field Trip Resources


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Field Trip Resources! The World is Our Classroom!

This directory provides information about finding and planning an endless array of field trip opportunities throughout the state. The first half of the field trip listings are arranged by Region from north to south, and the second half, an entirely different set, are arranged alphabetically by Subject.

You will also find links here to resource sites that can be very helpful in making plans, and links to handy online Information that provides thorough background on a variety of related subjects. And last, but not least, we’ve included a few simple suggestions for finding field trip ideas right in your neighborhood.

Some of the listings seem quite general, but will quickly lead you to interesting items in your area. Others that are focused on a very specific activity, like bird watching, might lead to different activities, like boating, that you and your kids will really enjoy. Field trip ideas come in the most unexpected places; so poke around and you might be amazed what you find.

Active homeschooling support groups are often first built around the common desire to create interesting field trips. If your area doesn’t seem to have much in the way of a support group, it’s likely that you can get one going by establishing ongoing field trips and spreading the word. in no way endorses any of the places, agencies, or organizations listed in any part of this resource. You must make your own inquiries and do whatever research is necessary to ensure that any listing is appropriate to your own particular needs. DISCLAIMER

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