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Acts of Kindness
Inspiration for practicing random acts of kindness - with wonderful free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources. Fun! And they even provide five FREE pages of web space for presenting your own kindness activity or project!

Artists Helping Children - Toys, Games, & Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids
An absolutely amazing array of projects to make - from very simple to more elaborate - largely using things found around the house. This is a non-profit site is done by artists bringing comfort to children in hospitals, clinics, and shelters by brightening their environment with murals and other art.

Artist Jan Brett’s Site
Lots of beautiful pictures to print out, and many fun projects to make!

Brain Food
Hundreds of games, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Some are tricky. Some require innovation.

CampNet America
Lists every kind of camping resource, from parks and campsites to log cabin rentals, and much more.

Candle and Soap Making
Information-packed resource for making many different kinds of candles.

DLTK’s Printable Crafts for Kids
Children's crafts, coloring pages, and more; projects for holidays, educational themes, and cartoon characters; lots of printable templates suitable for ages 2 and up.

Especially for Kids and Other Inquiring Minds
Annotated links to sites having games & puzzles, downloadable projects, mazes, crafts, cooking, kids' search engines, and lots of interesting things that stir kids' imaginations...

Fall Holiday Links
Marilee Schurhrke’s great set of links to rich sites about Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving. Crafts, art, histories, activities, recipes, and more.

FamilyFun Magazine
Arts and crafts, games, parties, activities, holidays, food, and reviews.

FEMA for Kids
Produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency Safety & Emergency Management for Kids.

Field Trips - in A to Z Home's Cool
Lots of helpful articles - as well as listings of field trip resources by state.

Field Trip Resource Guide for California - from BestHomeschooling
Annotated links divided by regions, and others by subject, including links to background information sites about related topics.

FREE Home Pages for Kids - by MatMice
This website, by three teenage sisters from Australia, gives kids the chance to make their very own page on the web - and it's free.

Fun-attic Games and Activity Guide
A mildly commercial site, it also has free directions for fun games and activities.

Games Kids Can Play
Directions for fun playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and much more!

The Great Outdoors Recreation Pages
Content rich site on outdoor recreation and travel. Has current and archived articles and information on places in the US and around the world.

Intergenerational Play Experiment
Articles and ideas about play. "A blueprint for social growth and cultural evolution: the healthier the community, the more frequent and playful the interactions between the generations. It begins with a quietly revolutionary family picnic."

Jump Rope Rhymes
Lots of traditional jump rope and clapping rhymes.

Just for Fun
Flex your mental muscles with this challenging collection of games and puzzles.

Kiddie Records Weekly - Classics From the Golden Age
Fabulous forgotten treasures - children's records from the early 40s and 50s, including many classic stories, some of which were extravagant Hollywood productions. Downloadable to listen to FREE.

Kids’ Craft Corner
Crafts, recipes, holiday and season ideas, experiments, art, clip art, games, and more.

All about gardening for/with children, including lots of tips and fun ideas! Home-made Formulas
Formulas for "lotions, potions, concoctions, and remedies," crafts, projects, cooking, gardening, holidays, recycling, and sewing.
M.I.T.’s Seymour Papert and friends designed this site for kids! "More than 2,000 safe and kid-friendly website links. Close to 100 replayable, original and visually stimulating activities that entice kids to eXplore, eXpress and eXchange in a digital sandbox. Digital tools that let kids create their own stories and plays, artwork and characters." Includes a parents' page!

Old Fashioned Holidays
Extensive collection of crafts, recipes, history, and much more to help all of us create those special holiday memories

A popular online soda-straw construction site where you can create moving objects. Be sure to read the FAQ to find out how to best use your particular browser and computer!

String Figures from Around the World
Intricate string figures you can do with your fingers and a simple loop of string.

Winter Holiday Links
Marilee Schuhrke’s links to holiday pages: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Martin Luther King’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Crafts, art, histories, activities, recipes, and more.

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