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A Few Miscellaneous Sites That Homeschoolers Might Find Useful

Links to useful reference and information sites, virtual tours, puzzles, library sales, lifelong learning, volunteerism, and lots of other interesting odds & ends...

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Acts of Kindness
Inspiration for practicing random acts of kindness - with wonderful free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources. Fun! And they even provide five FREE pages of web space for presenting your own kindness activity or project!

Biz-World: Volunteers Teaching Kids About Business
A product of Action in California Education Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education by providing real world experiences that teach children about business and entrepreneurship.

Esperanto is a second language that would allow people who speak different native languages to communicate.

How Stuff Works!
Indescribably vast and fascinating collection of articles on how almost anything you can think of works

How Things Work
Interactive question and answer site by Louis A. Bloomfield, physics professor and author of the book How Things Work: the Physics of Everyday Life

The Hunger Site
You can simply click every day to donate food to the hungry in 74 countries, and it’s paid for by sponsors. This site’s grassroots popularity has been recognized with prestigious Web awards in the activism category

The Internet Public Library
The first public library of the Internet– librarians committed to providing library services to the Internet.

Just for Fun
Flex your mental muscles with this challenging collection of games and puzzles.

Library Book Sales
Everything you want to know about book sales and bookstores run by libraries and other non-profit groups across the nation.

Library Spot
Network of all kinds of US Libraries (online images, presidential, medical, etc.), with links to helpful references, such as "Ask an Expert."

Ron Wise’s Geographical Directory of World Paper
MoneyView pictures of money by country.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
"Now, you don’t have to have a degree in statistics in order to conduct an effective ’interview’ with your data. But you do need to know a few basics - here are some basic concepts in statistics that every writer should know..."

Volunteering’s Portal links to sites that tell about every aspect of volunteerism opportunities for all ages-some sites devoted to kids’ volunteerism.

Volunteer Match
Thousands of volunteer opportunities locally and remote via your computer.

We The People website
Jerry Brown’s site, has some of the most fascinating website links around, and some interesting archived radio interview texts with John Taylor Gatto.

World Book Educators’ Guide
"Typical courses of study," reflecting general curriculum requirements as they appear across North America.

World Resource Center
A county-by-country and state-by-state guide to education resources around the world.

The WWW Virtual Library
This is the oldest catalog of the web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of html and the web itself–run by volunteers, who compile pages of key links for areas in which they are expert. It is widely recognized as one of the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the web.

Yahoo! Maps & Driving Instructions
Field trip to a new place? Type in your address and your destination, and get printable maps and driving instructions. The driving instructions are sometimes not the best route, but you can get detailed information to get you where you’re going.

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