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Accredited Online Music Degees and Programs
Schools offering online music programs, categorized by types.

Art from BBC
Lots of art activities, "how to" instructions for a few different arts, games, interesting facts about art and artists, downloads for your computer, and more.

Art & craft project lessons from Blick art materials
Many unique and lovely projects that would please any age right up to adults!

Art & Learning to Think & Feel
Art lesson ideas starting with ways to practice, to generate ideas, to experiment, and so on.

Articles about Painting
Interesting and practical articles on a variety of topics about painting, including "how to" demonstrations, and much more.

Artist and children's book author Jan Brett's page of videos
Step by step guides on how to draw some very lovely animals and scenes.

Artists Helping Children
A huge resource of kids' drawing lessons, coloring pages and coloring printouts, arts and craft projects & ideas, crafts from common household materials (trash to treasure section), paper folding projects & origami project ideas, and articles.

Art Junction
A collaborative art space for teachers and students - full of interactive art activities, art history, web activities, links, and more.

A Pintura Art Detective
An online game about art history and art composition, teaching about art terms and artists. You play a 1940's noir detective with a degree in art history (4th grade level and up).

Art Images for College Teaching
A royalty-free image exchange resource, divided by Ancient, Medieval, Rennaisance and Baroque, 18th-20th century, and non-western. Samples are online, and more extensive image collections are available on Kodak Photo-CDs; and Institutions and individuals may arrange to borrow entire disks.

Art Kids Rule!
Fun Activities, Resources & Tutorials for Kids, Grown-ups & Teachers

Art Resources for Educational Excellence
This HUGE government collection of art education resources includes architecture, history, music, and photography.

Established under a cooperative agreement between the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts (with additional support from the U.S. Dept. of Education)--Artsedge provides a no-cost, standards-based Internet content for the k-12 classroom.

Ballet Websites
Wonderful selection of ballet websites.

Children's Theater Plays
Scripts for productions of every size, scope and budget.

Classical MIDI Archives
11,079 Classical Music files in MIDI Format from 857 Composers.

Classical Net
over 2500 files at Classical Net and over 2200 links to other classical music web sites.

Crafts for Kids
A huge number of categorized projects using materials found around the house - for learning about various topics, various holidays, and many just for fun.

Creative Kids Central
A lovely free introduction to classical music for children, parents and teachers - includes cross curricular activities, games and downloadable activities. The site is a project of a nonprofit foundation with the mission to design and support innovative programs in classical music education and the arts and humanities for young people.

Creative Kids Central with KUSC
An introduction to the different forms of classical music through sound and pictures, for children of all ages, but most particularly 7 to 9 year olds and their parents, grandparents, and teachers. The site hopes to capture the imagination of children and to provide a musical experience that will engage its visitors, opening a portal to the beauty and power of classical music.

Dover Publications Sampler
Get free samples weekly of printable Dover pages in poetry, fine art, recipes, games, puzzles, famous quotations, clip art, great literature, craft projects, photography, and coloring pages.

Educational Web Adventures
An amazing and graphically rich interactive site dealing with art, history, and science - by an award-winning developer of online learning activities. Choose by subject or by content for ages K-12. Requires Flash.

Enchanted Learning Crafts
Large array of craft projects for children, using common materials like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, crayons, paint, glue, etc.

Franklin Institute Music Education Hotlist
Classical, reggae, opera, jazz, you name it!

The History of Art Virtual Library
Comprehensive and fascinating site - one of the best on the net.

The Imagination Factory
Lots of creative ideas and step-by-step directions for reusing found objects and trash to make attractive art and craft items.

Inside Art
An richly illustrated interactive site exploring impressionist art techniques, artists, art history, and more in the course of an adventure (5th grade level to adult).

Kiddie Records Weekly - Classics From the Golden Age
Fabulous forgotten treasures - children's records from the early 40s and 50s, including many classic stories, some of which were extravagant Hollywood productions. Downloadable to listen to FREE.

Kids' Craft Corner
Crafts, recipes, holiday and season ideas, experiments, art, clip art, games, and more.

Kids Craft Bulletin Board
A nice exchange bulletin board about all sorts of kids' crafts.

Extensive arts and crafts site. Has over 700 lessons and more than 1550 pages of information.

Music Sites
Carefully chosen music sites of all kinds from the award winning site

An amazing informational music website for teachers and students from the Director of Music at Soham Village College, Cambridgeshire, England--includes great links and free printable worksheets.

Ricci Adams' interesting and very nicely designed sequential tutorial with simple lessons.

Native American Links
Marilee Schuhrke's fabulous collection of wonderful links to sintes with Native American art, games & legends, clothing, crafts, songs & dances, and much more.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

The Original ArtSchool OnLine
Simple and thorough art lessons online, some using traditional materials and some using digital programs.

Marilee Schuhrke's wonderful page of her own printable paperdolls and links to other great paperdoll sites, including some with historical costumes.

PBS Online Arts
A typically wonderful PBS site featuring Architecture, Drama & Dance,
Film, Fine Art, Literature, Music, Pop & Folk Art

Links to interesting and educational photography sites for kids and teens–including how to make a pinhole camera.

Refrigerator to Renoir: 10 Great Art Lessons on the Net
A nice collection of simple and creative art lessons for children from Education World.

SFS Kids - Fun With Music
San Francisco Symphony's amazing interactive site has fun acitivities that teach the basics, tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, symbols, composition, and familiarization with the various instruments.

World Wide Art Resources
Great gateway from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - includes art, dance, opera, literature, and much more.

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